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jersey mike Commercial

In the commercial for Jersey Mike’s Subs, Dan Jablons and Danny Devito team up to create the perfect sandwich. Danny Devito plays the role of a quirky submarine captain who leads his crew, including Dan Jablons, in creating the perfect sandwich. The ad highlights the brand’s commitment to freshness and customization, with a humorous tone that makes it memorable.

Priceline Commercial

Dan Jablons featured in a Priceline commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. He is portrayed as a quirky, tech-savvy travel agent who works for Priceline and helps travelers plan their trips using Priceline’s website and app. The commercial’s humor centers around Dan Jablons’ unconventional methods of assisting the travelers, and the ad was well-received by viewers.

Apple Commercial

Dan Jablons appears in two commercials on Apple TV, one in Cloud 9 Academy season 4, episode 10, and the other in The Divorce season 8, episode 1.

Cloud 9 Academy is a television show that follows the lives of the employees of a fictional big-box retail store called Cloud 9. The show is a comedy and often satirizes the retail industry and corporate culture. The show has received positive reviews and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, indicating that it is well-liked by viewers. The show’s success can be attributed to its sharp writing, diverse and talented cast, and its ability to tackle important social issues in a comedic and accessible way.

Mattress firm Commercial

Dan Jablons appeared in a commercial for Mattress Firm called “Junk Sleep”. Here’s a short context: In the commercial, Dan Jablons plays a sleep expert who visits a couple’s home to evaluate their sleeping situation. He discovers that their old mattress is causing them to have “junk sleep,” which leads to a variety of comical symptoms like grogginess, clumsiness, and even mistaking a cat for a baby. Dan Jablons recommends they replace their old mattress with a new one from Mattress Firm to improve their sleep quality. The commercial is lighthearted and humorous, with Dan Jablons providing comedic relief as the quirky sleep expert.

Little Caesar Commercial

Dan Jablons appeared in a commercial for Little Caesars, a popular pizza chain. In the commercial, which aired on television and online, Jablons played a role in promoting a specific product or aspect of the Little Caesars brand.

Crest Commercial

Dan Jablons appeared in a commercial for Crest, a popular brand of toothpaste and oral care products. In the commercial, Dan Jablons played a role in promoting the benefits of Crest toothpaste, such as its ability to provide a healthy, bright smile and protect against tooth decay.

Samsung memory

In a Samsung memory commercial, actor Dan Jablons was the main appearance, taking center stage in the commercial. Jablons is a well-known actor with a long list of film and TV credits to his name, and his presence in the commercial added some star power to the ad, making it more engaging for viewers. For fans of the actor or the Samsung brand, Jablons’ leading role in the commercial was a noteworthy moment.

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