Dan jablons


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Dan Jablons appeared in Curb Your Enthusiasm. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is a television series created by and starring Larry David. The show is a comedy that follows a fictionalized version of Larry David, a semi-retired television writer and producer, as he navigates his personal and professional life in Los Angeles. The series is known for its improvisational style, with much of the dialogue and plot being ad-libbed by the actors. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has been praised for its unique humor, which often comes from the characters’ awkward and uncomfortable interactions and Larry David’s blunt and unfiltered commentary on social norms. The show has aired on HBO since 2000 and has received critical acclaim and numerous awards, including multiple Emmy Awards. 

Family business

Dan Jablons appeared as Dr. Trumble, a therapist who works with the main character, LC Duncan, to help him cope with his personal and family issues. Jablons’ portrayal of the character was well-received by fans of the show, who appreciated his performance and the depth he brought to the character.

Pam and tommy

Dan Jablons appeared in Pam and Tommy. “Pam and Tommy” is a television miniseries that premiered on Hulu in 2022. The show is based on the real-life story of actress Pamela Anderson and musician Tommy Lee, and their infamous sex tape scandal in the 1990s. The show stars Lily James as Pamela Anderson and Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee, and follows their relationship from their first meeting to the release of their sex tape and the aftermath. The series is a mix of drama and comedy, and also explores themes of fame, privacy, and the impact of media on personal lives.


Dan Jablons appeared as a guest star in an episode of the popular TV show Superstore. In the episode, which aired in the fifth season of the show, Dan Jablons plays himself and is hired by the Cloud 9 store manager, Glenn Sturgis, to help improve the store’s sales performance.

To Tell the truth

Dan Jablons appeared as a contestant on an episode of the game show To Tell the Truth. In the show, which features a panel of celebrities who try to guess which of the three contestants is telling the truth about their unusual occupation or experience, Jablons claimed to be a world champion jelly bean counter. During the show, Jablons demonstrated his impressive jelly bean counting skills, which he claimed helped him win the world championship title. However, the panel of celebrities was skeptical and asked him several questions to try to uncover whether he was telling the truth or not. In the end, the panel was split between two contestants, but they ultimately chose Jablons as the one who was telling the truth about his jelly bean counting skills. Jablons was revealed to be the true world champion jelly bean counter, much to the surprise and amusement of the audience. 

Lets be real

Dan Jablons appeared in Lets Be Real. “Let’s Be Real” is a television series that premiered on Fox in 2020. The show is a satirical comedy that uses puppets to lampoon current events and public figures in politics, entertainment, and culture. The series features a variety of puppets, including versions of prominent figures such as Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Kim Kardashian. The show’s humor is often irreverent and takes aim at the absurdities of modern American life and politics.

The Deli

In the show, which aired in 2017, Dan Jablons appeared as a character named “Jimmy Tampons.” “The Deli” is a comedy-drama series that follows a group of misfits who work at a Brooklyn delicatessen. Jablons’ appearance as “Jimmy Tampons” was a brief cameo. “The Deli” has been praised for its quirky characters and offbeat humor, so it’s likely that Jablons’ appearance was in line with the show’s overall tone.

American mobster

Dan Jablons appeared in American Mobster. “American Mobster” is a television documentary series that explores the lives and crimes of infamous American gangsters and organized crime figures. The show originally aired on the Discovery Channel from 2006 to 2008. Each episode of “American Mobster” focuses on a different mobster or organized crime figure, tracing their rise to power and eventual downfall. The show includes interviews with law enforcement officials, journalists, and others who have studied or investigated the subjects of the episodes.