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Dan is a featured performer in the cast of The Out-Laws. The Out-Laws is an American crime comedy film directed by Tyler Spindel, released on Netflix. The film stars Adam Devine, Pierce Brosnan, Ellen Barkin, Nina Dobrev, Michael Rooker, Poorna Jagannathan, Julie Hagerty, Richard Kind, Lil Rel Howery, and Blake Anderson.

American violence

In the crime thriller film American Violence. Dan plays Beeker, a dangerous criminal who threatens the main characters.  With an all-star cast that includes Bruce Dern, Denise Richards, and Kaiwi Lyman, “American Violence” received great critical reviews and is still watched by many on Netflix.

This Much

In this funny film, Dan plays a somewhat shady lawyer, who doesn’t really help the main character, who is seeking a divorce from her husband.  This film is still airing on Netflix.

Ham on Rye

Dan appears in 2019 independent film “Ham On Rye.”  Dan’s performance as Mr. Monty was a highlight of the film.

(TV Short 2018)

“Rukky” is a film directed by Micah Van Hove, and it tells the story of a young Nigerian girl named Rukky who moves to the United States to pursue her passion for photography.  Dan plays a college professor who tries to get her to reconsider studying, because of his racist beliefs.

Future Punks

Dan appears as one of main charcters in the film Future Punks directed by Craig J. McIntyre with stars Laurene Landon, James Duval, Lloyd Kaufman.  In this horror movie, Dan plays Zippy, a crime lord who is losing his grip on his empire.


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