Dan jablons


Adam Craig, Director, Friends With Benefits

"Dan Jablons is a delight. He's professional, talented and funny, an all too rare thing in show business."

Craig McIntyre, Director, A Few Screws Loose

Dan Jablons is a great actor...I'm surprised he was in my weird horror film. He's up there with William H. Macy in my book. I will be tracking him down to do another part in my next movie! A pleasure to work with..a total professional!

Bill Caco, Director, What Else Is On?

"Dan was such a joy to work with. Not only was he prepared and a total professional, but he brought so much more to the scene than was on the page. He committed completely to the moment and hit it out of the park."

More Testimonials!

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Dan on MIA: A Documentary Uncovered. Dan takes direction with ease and masterfully translates the directors vision from paper to screen. In addition to his acting skills Dan is a great guy that is fun to be around I look forward to working with him again..”

Than McClure, Director, MIA: A Documentary Uncovered

“The great thing about working with Dan, beyond his comedic talent, is that he’s flat-out a good guy. He’s professional, he gets what you’re trying to do immediately, and he’s the kind of person you want to keep working with in future projects. And he smells like leather and man musk.”

Derek Connolly, Director, The New Twenty

“Dan was a joy to have on set.  He was prompt, friendly, and knew his lines better than I did.  I hated to put the crew through long hours, but I never heard a peep from Dan.  (Maybe if he’d complained or something we could have sped things up a little.)  And once we got into the editing room, I was thankful for Dan’s consistently great delivery.  I wish everyone on set had been as good-natured and professional as Dan — maybe next time we’ll put a beard on him and use him for more than one character.”

David Malki, Director, Expendable

“I think Dan has a great attitude. He arrives to set as a total professional, and for me, delivers what I need when I ask for it. When I adjusted him he seemed willing, doing what we could together to make the scene have legs of its own. I wouldn’t hesitate to cast him again in something he was suited for.”

Mathias Fain, Director, Max  & The Furious Fly

“Working with Dan is a joy.  He comes to set prepared and ready to play unself-conciously.  He brings with him a good sense of humor and an infectiously great  attitude.  Dan fully commits to the project he is working on, happily,”

Andre Query, Director, Commercial

“Dan is a pleasure to work with both on and off camera.  His professionalism and loyalty are a quality other actors should strive for.  He realizes that making movies is a collaborative effort and he gives you a hundred percent of his effort every time.  Both as a writer, director, and actor, Dan is truly a talented artist and this is quite evident with his brilliant thinking on the spot and then following through with a great execution of the material.  He’s a great man, and I’d be honored to work with him any time.”

Nino Cimino, Director, Joey’s Redemption